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The Energy Lab is a comprehensive sports medicine and performance enhancement center of excellence located in Pitman, NJ.  We are a destination for athletes of all ages and abilities in search of a one-stop-shop for their sports medicine and performance needs. The Energy Lab is the first and only evidence-based and medically-backed performance enhancement center of its kind in the region.  We are one of America’s first establishments to include an integration of Orthopedic & Non-Operative Sports Medicine Specialists, Sports-Focused Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Performance Enhancement Coaches all under one roof. Specialty services are also offered on site, such as nutrition profiling, mental resilience consulting, and recovery modalities.  We believe a holistic approach including these core and specialty elements are critical to every athletes’ optimal performance. Whether you are a healthy athlete looking to improve your performance or an injured athlete looking to return to an active lifestyle, The Energy Lab has a program for you!


The Energy Lab was born out of the need for evidence-based treatment recommendations and better communication between sports medicine professionals across the entire spectrum of treatment for an activity-related injury.  Our integrated program combines four core elements of athletic performance including evidence-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine, specialized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services, The Bridge Program (medically-backed functional strength and mobility training for recovering athletes) and Performance Enhancement Training for physically optimized athletes.  Injured athletes will have access to top ranked orthopedic and non-operative sports medicine physicians, working in collaboration with licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers who specialize in sports medicine and activity related injuries. Once you have been physically optimized, you will have access to The Energy Lab’s sports performance enhancement programs utilizing state of the art equipment and data collection methods.  Your personal data will be coupled with our validated functional movement evaluations to ensure that your training programs match your individual performance and recovery needs. Our commitment to our athletes is to deliver these cutting edge services all under one roof!


Baseline Exams and Evaluations are critical to establishing a starting point to begin your training.   We collect this information on every athlete that comes through our doors and compare it to an existing database of athletes regionally and nationally.  Results of your baseline exams gives us data points that guide us in the development of an individualized plan of action (IPA). Our IPA will then link the athlete to the exact area of development that they will need at that moment in time.  This process facilitates the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time. Some athletes may be referred for a screening evaluation with one of our sports medicine or physical therapy specialists if “problem areas” are identified. Once cleared for participation, our performance enhancement programs include functional strength training in 3 different formats: group class training, semi private training, and 1:1 training.  Once your program is completed at The Energy Lab, you may be transitioned to an at-home or online training program and asked to return for annual or semi-annual baseline testing to ensure you are staying on track with your sports and activity related goals.


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