These are pre-participation tests designed to provide measurable data points and baseline scores in order to determine an athlete’s readiness to participate in the rigors of our performance enhancement programs.  Every athlete will have a baseline functional assessment. Pre-participation baseline testing includes an assessment of joint mobility, functional strength, body awareness and balance. Advanced dynamic assessments and effective range testing will be utilized to evaluate your efficiency of movement in a linear, lateral, and vertical testing protocol.  Running gait assessments are also available upon request. After testing, your personal information will be entered into a regional and national database that will provide a basis for comparison with athletes of all ages and abilities. This data will be used to determine your injury-risk profile and build your customized performance enhancement programs.  Scores will also allow an objective assessment of your performance gains as testing is repeated over time.


Once patients are deemed physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for the rigors of training, they will be referred into the performance enhancement program.  In this program, proper technique will be emphasized as our athletes develop strength, speed, and agility. Our sports performance enhancement program is based on 3 key principles: acceleration, center of gravity management, and initial force generation.


Reconstructive Orthopedics Sports Physical Therapists

Specialized physical therapy services are available on-site, open to the community as well as those participating in The Energy Lab programs. You can see one of our therapists for assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions, chronic or acute, that may be impacting your physical performance. Sessions include hands on techniques to address mobility, movement coordination and strength specific to your needs. Our therapists have been hand-picked because of their expertise and passion for sport specific assessment and treatment.


This is training for the athlete who has completed physical therapy but still has a need for injury prevention education, functional strength training, and proper joint mobility prior to participation in our performance enhancement programs.  The critical role of the bridge program is to ensure that the athlete has reached an optimal level of functional strength and mobility in order to reduce the risk of re-injury upon a return to high level sports participation in one of our performance enhancement programs.


Recon Sports, a division of Reconstructive Orthopedics

Medical evaluations with one of our board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic or non-operative sports medicine physicians to assess pre-existing conditions, evaluate an area of concern, or determine risk of injury before participation in one of our training programs or performance classes. 

Achieve your Performance Goals

Flexible training packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your personal performance goals.